If peaceful green mountains and valleys is what you crave, then come and find a hidden haven in the Northeast of Portugal.                           

Here time doesn't fly, it floats by in the silence and breeze of the mountain (Serra de Nogueira) and surrounding hamlets. Prepare to be amazed by the mantle of stars bestowed on you at night, with shootings stars challenging you to come up with enough wishes.

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Casa da Zeza - Negreda

Recently rebuilt traditional country house (3 bedrooms) in a safe and quiet hamlet - Negreda, in the County of Vinhais, Bragança District, ideal for those looking for peace and tranquility, in the northeast of Portugal, next to the Spanish border. No sign of urban sounds, no background noise. Pure air and open horizons next to the Serra de Nogueira..

Casa do Pescador - Nazaré

If the sea breeze and fine sand call you louder, then Nazaré is an enchantress you won't resist.

Fisherman's Home - a humble little house (only 35 m2) with a rustic flavour and all the basics needed for a relaxing holiday. The sofa-bed can accommodate one or two kids. It is only 200m from the beach, so you can leave home with just a swimming suit and towel (forget your mobile phone and take a good book with you instead). At midday, you can light the small barbecue by the front door as the locals do (it's a pedestrians only road), and grill some fresh fish. But if you feel lazy do not feel guilty for making the local restaurants work for you... it's their fault that the prices are so good and the food so delicious!! 


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What our customers say…

Mosteirinho is a hidden treasure … Casa da Zeza was peaceful, homely with all the comfort and peace we were looking for!

Alvaro from Madrid